Winter in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Snowshoe Tours

Ready for some fun in the snow?  Discover our private Lake Tahoe snowshoe tours!  Our expert guides will take you and your own private party on a snowshoeing adventure through the beautiful snow-capped mountains with gorgeous scenery and invigorating fun!  We offer an array of guided Lake Tahoe snowshoe tours along the Tahoe Rim and in the valley region in Lake Tahoe.  All needed gear for your adventure will be provided for you and your guests.  Prepare to have some fun this winter!  Contact Tahoe Guide Service for more information or to request a booking today!

Showshoeing in Lake Tahoe fun

Showshoeing Tahoe Valley

Moderate | 5.5 mi | 1,197 ft. elev. gain

Take an adventurous trip snowshowing Tahoe this winter!  Prepare to spend a few hours on this exciting journey in the snow!  Our hiking guides will get you all setup, and lead you through an unforgettable and exciting experience.  All necessary gear will be provided.

Lake Tahoe snowshoeing

Snowshoe Tahoe Rim

Moderate | 5.5 mi | 1,197 ft. elev. gain

Want to experience the snow in Lake Tahoe this winter?  Snowshoe Tahoe in your own private, guided snowshoeing tour! Our expert guides will guide you through a fun trail through the snowcapped mountains with lots of beautiful scenic views.  Prepare to spend a few hours on this fun snowshoe trek.  Your experience will include all necessary gear.