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Day Hikes

Our day hikes are customized to provide unique adventures based on your abilities and personal desires. Discover Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness on a special interpretive day hike; visit the most famous vistas and historical landmarks, explore the most spectacular and remarkable high alpine wilderness locations. Our expertise is knowing the best places to take you, places few people venture for a very unique and extra special experience.  We make your lunch and serve it with a spectacular view. Let us do the driving and enjoy our World Class Guide Service at this World Class Destination!

Couples, individuals, families or small groups

Day Hike Rates

Full Day Hike: $675 for 1-2 guests – add $90 for each additional guest.

Half Day Hike: $450 for 1-2 guests – add $50 for each additional guest.

Please call us for group sizes of 7 or more people for a custom quote.  Larger families or groups are easily accomodated too!


Dates are arranged at your request. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!

  • We provide lunches, water, and extra water bottles for full day hikes
  • Transportation is provided for all trips, we will pick you up at your hotel or location that is convenient for all parties.
  • Our day hikes are private, customized trips.

Scroll down to browse the descriptions of our favorite Day Hikes.

Stunning Lake Hike

Lake it Easy Hike

Moderately Easy | 2 hrs | 2 mi | 429 ft. elev. gain

Slightly challenging, non-technical trail to Alpine Lake surrounded by towering peaks with views of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe along the way.
Hike Lake Tahoe views

Lake it for Granite Hike

Moderately Easy | 2 hrs | 2 mi | 209 ft. elev. gain

Ridgeline trail to waterfall. Slightly challenging, non-technical trail along ridge line with views of glacial formed lake and Lake Tahoe.
Tahoe Views Tahoe Guide Service Hike

7777 Jackpot Hike

Moderate | 4 hrs | 7 mi | 1,351 ft. elev. gain

Challenging, non-technical trail with panoramic Lake Tahoe views along the way.
Fall Hike Views with Tahoe Guide Service

ColorFall Hike

Moderately Strenuous | 4 hrs | 3.3 mi | 1,108 ft. elev. gain

Seasonal Fall Hike (October). Beautiful lakeside drive to a challenging, non-technical hike with spectacular views of Aspens, large glacial lake and Lake Tahoe.
Beautiful Fields of Flowers with Tahoe Guide Service

Hillside Fireworks Hike

Moderate | 4 hrs | 4 mi | 950 ft. elev. gain

Seasonal Wildflowers Hike (July). Challenging, non-technical hike immersed within an explosion of wildflowers. Hike through a grassy amphitheater surrounded by a rainbow of blooms.
Lake and Aspen views Hike with Tahoe Guide Service

Crown of Aspens Hike

Moderately Strenuous | 6 hrs | 10.1 mi | 1,706 ft. elev. gain

Seasonal Fall Hike (October). Challenging, non-technical hike to see the golden shine of Aspens amidst an alpine lake surrounded by towering peaks.
Peaks, Lakes, and Bay views Hike with Tahoe Guide service

Peaks and Lakes and Bays Oh My! Hike

Strenuous | 6 hrs | 4 mi | 1,778 ft. elev. gain

Very challenging trail to Mountain Peak with an Alpine Lake along the way. Spectacular views of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe.
Peak Views Hike Tahoe Guide Service

Take a Peak hike

Very Strenuous | 8 hrs | 10 mi | 3,284 ft. elev. gain

Very challenging, semi-technical (a little scrambling at the top) trail to the top of one of Lake Tahoe’s iconic mountain peaks. Amazing views of Desolation Wilderness, Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe.
3 Peak Views Hike with Tahoe Guide Service

3 Peaks/1 Day Hike

Very Strenous | 10 hrs | 12 mi | 3,815 ft. elev. gain

Very challenging, non-technical trail to bag 3 peaks in one day. Spectacular views of Carson Valley, the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe.