Tahoe Guide Service

Sightseeing Tours

Want to experience some of the best viewing and adventure tours in Lake Tahoe?  Tahoe Guide Service gets you up close and personal in some of the best Lake Tahoe sightseeing adventures!  Our expert guides will bring you to beautiful vistas and along scenic paths through the forest, meadows, and along Lake Tahoe’s shores and viewpoints for a spectacular event that you’ll remember.  

Cascade Falls

Forest and Waterfall Trail

Easy / Moderate | 1.4 mi | 255 ft. elev. gain

Enjoy a peaceful stroll through the forest to a beautiful waterfall.  There are small and large boulders along the path but a fairly level walk without a lot of elevation change.  On arrival at the waterfall you will discover granite rock and small pools.  

Balancing Rock

Natural Rock Feature

Easy | 0.7 mi | 177 ft. elev. gain

This is a short, easy trail that features a remarkable rock landmark.  You will walk through pine trees on a nicely shaded trail. 

Cave Rock Trail

Family Friendly Trail with Views

Easy | 0.8 mi | 137 ft. elev. gain

This is a family and kid-friendly, easy trail, which features some optional rock climbing and amazing views.

Castle Rock

Lake Tahoe Views

Easy | 3.2 mi | 675 ft. elev. gain

This is a beautiful scenic hike with spectacular views of Lake Tahoe. photo credit AllTrails

Glenn Alpine Springs

Amazing Waterfalls

Moderate | 2.1 mi | 278 ft. elev. gain

Take this trail to see some amazing waterfalls!  This is a somewhat rocky trail and can have water on the trail during wet days or after snow, so waterproof boots are a good idea.  There are varying elevations and some rocks to maneuver, and lots of beautiful waterfalls!  photo credit AllTrails

Barn Trail

Lake Tahoe and Mountains

Moderate | 2.9 mi | 524 ft. elev. gain

This is a beautiful trail with gorgeous views of Lake Tahoe and the mountains.  The trail is easy/moderate and is uphill on the way to the lookout and downhill on the way back.  There are areas with climbable rocks.   photo credit AllTrails

Hope Valley

Lake in the Valley

Easy | 4 mi | 485 ft. elev. gain

Enjoy this lovely hike in alpine country, in a quiet, less populate region.

Ophir Creek Loop

Open Meadows and Lake Tahoe View

Easy | 3.2 mi | 265 ft. elev. gain

This hike features beautiful open meadows and a hike to a stunning view of Lake Tahoe.  photo credit AllTrails.

Hawley Grade

Forest, River and Waterfall

Easy | 4.8 mi | 1,220 ft. elev. gain

This easy/moderate hike will take you through the forest and to a river and waterfall.  There are lots of aspen and the trail is a peaceful walk with some shade.  There is a waterfall that can be crossed at one point in the trail.  photo credit AllTrails.


Forest and Beach

Moderate | 3 mi | 101 ft. elev. gain

Enjoy a leisurly walk along the water and forest to a beach.  The trail is well-shaded with easy terrain.  Photo credit: AllTrails.